PURO SURF, is a renewable initiative, which consists of the construction of a solar plant over the rooms of hotel and performance academy, located in the coastal area of La Libertad, kilometer 52 El Litoral Highway, El Salvador. The solar plant was built with 198 Jinko Solar brand photovoltaic solar modules, each with a nominal capacity of 400 Wp, model JKM400M-72H-V. This model from the CHEETAH line has innovative technology in the implementation of the half-cell, which minimizes the LCOE by reducing the needed area with its high-power rating, high cell efficiency and the new size of silicon wafer. The system has a total capacity of 79.2 kWp. Another advantage is the improvement of the coefficient of temperature, which causes the generation of energy to increase up to 1% per day and adapts perfectly to hot climates. Due to the geographical location in front of the sea, it was considered to be the ideal model for installation. PURO SURF's photovoltaic system was designed under NFPA 70-NEC 2017 standard with emphasis on article 690 for photovoltaic systems and using manuals of electrical installations issued by Salvadoran General Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET). The Ministry of the Environment indicated that there is high salinity and dust in the coastal area of La Libertad, whereby the Jinko panel became even better for installation since it complies with certification of IEC-61701:2011 (salt mist), IEC-60068-2-68:1994 (sand and dust). Also, we have respected the local safety laws to ensure the safety of the staff, equipment and facility safety. Regarding the inverters of the plant, it has 5 inverters of 10 kW and 1 inverter of 5 kW, Ginlong Technologies brand. Environmental, social and economic benefits The use of renewable energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions in outstanding way, the main causes of global warming and air pollution. Being clean energy makes it 100% renewable, inexhaustible and non-polluting. When producing solar energy, there is no transformation which means that they do not expel any types of pollutants into the atmosphere. In the case of PURO SURF, it’s estimated that for each year, 65.94 tons of CO2 will be displaced, which is also equivalent to 753 trees planted, generating an average of 108.5 MWh per year turning PURO SURF into a reference in the Beach Hotel Industry aspiring to a sector of environmentally responsible consumers. According to the PURO SURF project, the solar plant produced in January a total of 9,058.20 kWh, equivalent to 40% of the total electrical energy consumption, representing an economic saving of 34.45%. ANY COMPANY IS ABLE TO INSTALL SOLAR PLANTS, BUT ENERSYS SOLAR MAKES THE DIFFERENCE IN TIME AND QUALITY. Enersys Solar as the largest constructor of photovoltaic solar energy for self-consumption in El Salvador, its mission literally says: “make clean generation easy and profitable.” The biggest challenge here at PURO SURF was accepting the condition imposed by the client that the construction of the plant had to take 24 hours maximum, mainly due to the high occupancy by the flow of clients and guests that the hotel already has. One day before starting the project, all materials were delivered (panels, inverters, fittings, trays, cables, etc.) in order to optimize construction time. The project began at 8:00 AM, with logistics in site and safety speech to mechanical installers and electricians. The key of being able to achieve the entire project in such a little time is good coordination and teamwork. Challenges: • Distribution of work on the ceilings so as not to interfere with hotel activities, since there was also a requirement to work in areas where they would not disturb customers. • Carrying out construction activities with the least impact on the tranquility of the guests. • In order to finish in the agreed time, the team had few hours of rest, demanding an over-effort from the workers. Enersys Solar's commitment is always focused on meeting customer needs and adapting to the situations that each project presents. “There are always unexpected events in any project, but working as a team and being committed to our work, you can achieve anything you set out to do, even without matter the circumstances.” Oscar Funes Salazar, Project Manager of PURO SURF. PROJECT’S TEAM We thank our collaborators for the commitment shown in PURO SURF: • Project Manager: Ing. Oscar Funes Salazar • Designer: Ing. Carlos Contreras • Draftsman: Laura Melgar CONCLUSION “Anyone can build a rooftop photovoltaic plant; at ENERSYS SOLAR we know that success is high commitment accepting particular challenges in each installation we build” Ing. Iván Cienfuegos, Commercial Director of ENERSYS SOLAR. “JINKO SOLAR MODULES with Half-Cell technology ensures greater energy production in surfaces with risks of shadows due to vegetation. Actually, the performance of solar plants built with JINKO SOLAR HC MODULES, is even greater than the PVSyst simulations that are offered to the client, increasing the financial benefits of the projects.” Ing. Oscar Funes, Chairman and CEO ENERSYS SOLAR. UNFORTUNATELY. We sought the client's testimony but no authority could assist us to confirm our version of how the PURO SURF solar project was carried out.
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Enersys Solar has more than 10 years of experience in the Central American market that distinguishes it from the competition, offering comprehensive services of the most reliable solar energy of the large industries of El Salvador and Central America, maximizing the financial returns of each project with an innovative business model and an efficient construction phase, making us experts in energy efficiency, providing energy solutions with the best technology.

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Edizione 2021


La Libertad


El Salvador

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55.0 kW

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